The Big Island, the natural beauty and “eternal spring” entice all to be outdoors, what better place to get a jump-start on a path to your best health!   Choose from a menu of prevention services, including a comprehensive wellness evaluation.  Let us be your guide as to which heart healthy activities are best for your individual health needs.  Let us clear the fog about which food nutrients are best for your individual health needs.

We focus on an active life style and the prevention of chronic diseases.  As well documented, once you have a chronic disease, your quality of life is forever compromised. 

We also believe that true healers should tell the truth about all things in medicine, and not advocate unproven treatments.  We embrace proven alternative approaches and complementary medicine, but do not believe in magic.  We also recognize your mindset and belief system has a powerful effect on your health, and is often neglected.

Since we are one of the vanishingly small number of physician owned and operated health-dedicated enterprises, we are free to do what is best for you as our patient.  No nonclinical businessman can veto what we do for you as your health advocate, or push an unproven “natural” cure.

This degree of physician autonomy means that we answer to you, we do not answer to insurance companies government bureaucracies, pharmaceutical companies, or nutritional supplement companies.   We have no conflicts of interest as vendors for a particular product or “treatment” This also means that since we do not bill outside agencies for your services, you are responsible for your bill, and we do accept all major credit cards.

Health and Wellness