We do not offer Emergency Services, nor are we an EMS transport agency.

If you think you have an Emergency, call 911

Hawaiian Style Health Now

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We offer a state of the art solution for your immediate minor health needs.  Did you know that up to 70% of Primary Care visits, and 40% of Emergency Department visits might not be unnecessary?  Let our clinical experts trained in Emergency Medicine determine what type of treatment you may need, and then decide the best setting, including the convenience of a “house call”.

We have an array of high touch high tech solutions to meet your needs, including telemedicine, “house calls”, and visiting our affiliated clinics for any needed imaging, blood studies, or procedures.  While we are connected to the Big Island health care system, we are able to utilize medical expertise from outside the Big Island.  Due to our extensive current and former teaching faculty background, we have a comprehensive network of the top clinical experts from around the country that we can access on an as needed basis.

Experience the latest state of the art high quality medicine delivered by best of breed clinicians.  Personalized service, with your particular individual health needs and well being in mind.

Your initial call is most often directly to an experienced clinician, we try to answer every call.  Our difference is making an accurate diagnosis and tailoring your treatment to meet your individual.  While no physician can claim 100% accuracy or infallibility, we have “best of breed” clinicians.

No more feeling like you is just a number waiting in a queue. We respect your time and understand you want to get back to your life, whether or not you are on vacation. 

We want to be your advisor and part of your health Ohana.  The term “great bedside manner” may seem antiquated, yet it is available at Hawaiian Style Health Now.

Since we are one of the vanishingly small number of physician owned and operated health-dedicated enterprises, we are free to do what is best for you as our patient.  No nonclinical businessman can veto what we do for you as your health advocate.

This degree of physician autonomy means that we answer to you, we do not answer to insurance companies or government bureaucracies.

We have no conflicts of interest as vendors for a particular product or “treatment”, we will choose what we know works best for your condition. 

This also means that since we do not bill outside agencies for your services, you are responsible for your bill, and we do accept all major credit cards, and can send you a receipt.

If you are a visitor to the Big Island, ask us about our Health and Wellness Services.