About Dr. French: Healthy Life Journey

Dr. French has more than 25 years of pursuing his passion of helping people discover their “healthy life journey”. In addition, Dr. French is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and thus has experienced all stages of the health spectrum.

Scott has seen firsthand many people who are able to stay on the right path and are thus the picture of health and happiness. Unfortunately it is also easy to get diverted on your journey. Surprisingly, the goal of health and happiness is at the same time both simpler and also more complicated.

Dr. French knew there had to be a better way, and so dedicated his life to finding out how we can discover and stay on the right path. A very wise man (my grandfather) always said: “You can have all the money in the world, but if you don’t have your health, you have nothing”.

The good news is that Scott discovered several simple but powerful truths. One example is the simple truth that persistent healthy life choices result in a robust and fulfilling life. The key is knowing which healthy behaviors are right for you as a unique individual with your own personal health challenges. No magic pills or mystical beliefs, the power to change your trajectory is within your reach.

Scott is unique in that he has an exhaustive understanding of the scientific approach to health, as well as a full working knowledge of the complementary and alternative medicine approach. Most importantly Scott has a unique appreciation and knowledge of the contribution of our beliefs, attitudes, and personality.

Dr. French believes that a physician’s highest calling is to be an effective mentor and advisor for patients, and thus his first “job” was as a full time faculty at Stanford University. 

Scott is also passionate about demystifying health and medicine, so fined tuned a simpler, yet logical approach, infused with a large dose of common sense, and applied this to his patients with great success.

Dr. French derives great joy in sending people on the path to health and happiness. Please come join him on this fascinating and rewarding journey of discovery.